Commercial printer specialized in sheet-fed printing and rotary printing press for medium and large quantities but still offers digital printing. Our management and IT outsourcing processes are unique and highly effectives. We control all the purchases of raw materials (matrix-cardboard-paper-transport) and all the steps of shaping and finishing.

We are specialized in the printing and manufacturing of a wide variety of products such as brochures, magazines, posters, flyers, labels, bottle neck labels, price list card, folding boxes, rigid boxes, gift boxes, food packaging, display stand, circular, etc.

From experience, Alternative knows precisely the needs of the food industry, those of societies operating in the financial sector, those involved in retail and in the cultural fields. This expertise allows us to take charge of complete mandate from conception to manufacturing through storage and distribution throughout Canada. Whether you have a printing project and/or an idea for the development of a packaging or a specific printed piece to manufacture, contact us.